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We’ve found that the relationships that last the longest are often those where the connections run deep. Keep an eye out for folks with similar interests and passions, or who are navigating the same milestones, or whatever unique combination of qualities that leave you itching for a chance to raise a glass together. 


Meet the hosts near your hood:

Jamie + Brett | Santa Monica

jaime  A native angelina, Jaime spent 10 years soaking up the witty intellect of the east coast and abroad before she moving back to her hometown to fully appreciate the sunshine and eclectic culture that makes LA so incredible. In February 2016, Jaime lost her otherwise very active and healthy mother suddenly to ovarian cancer.  As someone who always considered her community one of her prized accomplishments, she realized quickly she needed an expanded community of folks that understood this kind of loss and with whom she could reflect, cry and laugh with about everything she was experiencing. Jaime is one of six siblings in her mash-up blended family, works on financing environmental and social projects globally, loves rock n roll music, makes ice cream as her hobby and likes trying to stand up on a surf board.  

brett  Originally from the Sonoma County area, Brett arrived in L.A. over ten years ago to attend film school at USC and has since made a life for himself as a documentary director living in Venice Beach. He met the founders, Lennon and Carla, while working together at GOOD Magazine and even filmed some of the initial Dinner Party gatherings for the website. In the spring of 2015, Brett suddenly lost his mother due to complications resulting from a heart attack.  After a period of grief, Brett reached out to the Lennon/Carla and turned from Dinner Party videographer into Dinner Party host.


Sara | Highland Park

sara | Sara lost her father to acute myeloid leukemia in 2011, when she was 23. At the time, she was very new to Los Angeles and a little bit pale from years spent living in Chicago. She found support and community in Team In Training (plus fitness and awkward tan lines), an endurance sports training program through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Five years and more than ten half marathons, two triathlons, a half Ironman triathlon, soon-to-be two marathons and more than $100,000 raised to fund research and cures for leukemia, Sara is ready to host a Dinner Party. All that exercise makes her really hungry. In her spare time, she is a journalist and editor.



Kristen + Katie | Pico-Robertson

kristen | Kristen's grandmother and her aunt, who played significant roles in raising her, both passed away within the past 5 years. They were like mothers to Kristen, two of the strongest women she's known, and she wouldn't be who she is today without them. Since the loss of her grandmother, Kristen has spent a good amount of time reading and writing about loss and the grieving process. After reading about TDP, Kristen knew that she wanted to be part of this community and to meet others who have somehow managed to thrive in life after loss. Kristen works in advertising as a social media strategist, and she is passionate about culture, art, music, and literature. 

katie | Katie's dad passed away when she was 21, by a fall down a flight of stairs causing severe head trauma. It has been more than 15 years since his passing, but there are moments where she still feels that loss... wondering how their relationship would have been as adults and what he would have thought about how she has evolved. At 26, Katie moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles and had to revisit the moment of explaining her dad's death as she was making new friends. She wanted to connect with others who understand her feeling of loss. Katie continues to enjoy life with the zeal that she learned from her parents by dancing, wine tasting and cooking.