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Here are some of the qualities we find make great hosts. Sound like you? Awesome.

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What’s your primary experience with loss?
What’s been most helpful to you in working through your loss (i.e. therapy, grief groups, yoga, writing, friends)? Have you talked with friends or family about your loss? Do you feel comfortable talking openly about loss with others?
What do you want to provide others? What are you hoping to gain personally?
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No need to have an actual "table" to host. Many groups gather in living spaces or on the floor -- it's cozy that way! And rarely (if ever) are all guests able to attend the same dinner so if we invite a few extra guests to your table, that's why.
If so, do you have someone in mind? You're always welcome to invite friends and folks in your life who have experienced significant loss to co-host or attend your table!
What are you passionate about? How do you choose to spend your weekends? Is there a particular community with whom you self-identify, and would like to connect with?

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