Through beautiful, unstructured dinner parties powered by a growing network of hosts, we invite those who’ve experienced significant loss to dive into long-tabooed territory, sharing a defining part of ourselves that rarely sees the light of day.

Rather than treat loss as the ultimate conversation-killer, we’re using it to inspire some of our most profound conversations and deepest relationships. Our conversations aren’t just about grieving, but about how losing someone we love makes us reconsider how we live.

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Know someone who might be interested, but don't want to presume? Good call. Presuming is the worst. We find it's easiest to forward along our manifesto or one of our videos, or to share this very page and let them be the judg. Check out more tips on what to say and do for a friend in need.  

From April-August, we invite you to join us for #LossIs, one-part storytelling campaign and one-part pop-up dinner series, exploring loss and life after. Think of it as The Moth meets Vagina Monologues meets that section of the bookstore featuring grief memoirs (over dinner of course).


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