How do I know if joining a Dinner Party table is right for me?

  • You've experienced significant death loss, whether a parent, sibling, partner, child, or close friend and were among the first in your peer community to experience that kind of loss (**while we understand that loss takes many forms (i.e. break ups, divorce) we do not currently have the capacity to meet needs outside of death or physical loss**)

  • You understand that you're joining a community of mostly 20- and 30-somethings because this is an age group that is typically underserved by the traditional grief community -- too old for youth grief support and too young for traditional grief support groups where attendees are often older.

  • You have support beyond the Dinner Party and are not relying on TDP as a replacement for therapy

  • You're looking to build community with others who have experienced significant loss, including a commitment to meet at least quarterly (4x) in the next year

  • Although grief is an impossible-to-predict rollercoaster and ghosting is very much a part of our current culture, you understand that part of your commitment in joining a TDP table is to be responsive to your volunteer host, who has also experienced significant loss themselves. If you're no longer interested in being part of my table, you understand that it is your responsibility to communicate that openly and transparently with your host and that you will be met with the utmost empathy and understanding in return.

  • You understand that the Dinner Party will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, antisemitism, Islamophobia or any other form of discrimination at the table. In joining a table, you are also committing to contributing to an environment that is inclusive for all.

  • You agree.



Thank you so much for applying to join The Dinner Party! Please know that our staff (all of whom have experienced significant loss themselves) read every single application with care, and appreciate and honor the vulnerability it takes to fill out a form.

Because we curate each table by hand and want to conduct this process with the utmost care, we are transitioning to a system where we have one Matching Week close to the 1st week of every month.

Upcoming Matching Weeks

  • March 12-16 (submit application by Monday, March 5 @ 5 pm EST)
  • April 2-6 (submit application by Monday, March 26 @ 5 pm EST)
  • May 14-18 (submit application by Monday, May 7 @ 5 pm EST)
  • June 4-8 (submit application by Monday, May 28 @ 5 pm EST)

**Due to an extremely high volume of applications, please note that we cannot provide individual status updates outside of Matching Weeks during this time.**

Also note that depending on your location, we may not have a seat at a Dinner Party table available for you. One thing we’ve learned over the last few years is that trying to make a table work when there aren’t enough people invested in a location can leave people feeling more isolated after loss rather than less (which kinda defeats the purpose of Dinner Party-ing, no?).

If we can't match you a table, you will still receive a personalized email from us during the next matching period with resources and other ways to be involved!

Thank you again for your interest in The Dinner Party!

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What's your primary experience with loss?
What’s been most helpful to you in working through your loss (i.e. therapy, grief groups, yoga, writing, friends)? Have you talked with friends or family about your loss? Do you feel comfortable talking openly about loss with others?
What are you passionate about? How do you choose to spend your weekends? Is there a particular community with whom you self-identify, and would like to connect with?
We ask that you only sign up to Join a Table if you think you’d like to attend a dinner party at least quarterly (4x a year) moving forward. Consistency is key, friends! So, ideally, how frequently would you want to get together? *
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While we can't commit to making these offerings available across the wider TDP world, if available in your city or region, would you be interested in joining...
If we are not able to match you to an in-person dinner party at this time, would you be interested in joining a "virtual dinner party" if and when they become available?