Hi there,

Good news! We're just a few short weeks away from reopening our tables! (ICYMI: In mid-October, we pressed pause on accepting new Dinner Partiers, while we focused on understanding what was and wasn’t working among the hundreds of hosts in our current community, developing new systems and resources to meet the growing demand, and screening, training, and onboarding new hosts.)

In the last ten weeks, we've talked to hundreds of hosts within our community, and onboarded 50 more. We cleared our waitlists in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans, Twin Cities, Portland (OR), Austin, Houston, Queens, Denver, Seattle, Raleigh/Durham, Providence, London, Amsterdam, and more, and brought our waitlists down from 500+ to 197 as of this writing, with individual plans in place for those that remain. We organized regional gatherings in Philly, Chicago, and San Francisco, so that Dinner Partiers and hosts from across different tables could finally meet (Denver, NYC, Austin, LA: You’re next up!). And most important of all, we fixed the parts of our systems and processes that were no longer working, and created new ones that can keep up with growing demand.

We've got a few things left to tidy up and a couple dozen more hosts to onboard, but we're on track to reopen our doors by February 1st. If you want to be the first to hear when that happens, let us know here.

Interested in hosting? We’re still seeking hosts in the following cities: Atlanta, Manhattan, Orlando, Santa Barbara, and St. Louis. Here's a quick peek at what we look for in hosts. Sound like you or someone you know? Apply here. Note: We’ve received more host applications in the last few months than we have in all of TDP history(!). If you've submitted an application and are still waiting to hear back, know you haven’t been forgotten and will hear from us soon. In the event that you're in a city where we already have hosts, we'll place you at a table as a first step.

Since December 2014, 6,500 people have reached out to join or host a table, each with their own story. We’ve hand-matched more than 4,000 one-time strangers to one another. There are currently 283 tables active in 110 cities and towns worldwide, ranging from Toledo to Seoul. As peers who once believed ourselves to be alone, we’ve been amazed (and humbled and moved and sometimes gutted) by the response.

We’re not interested in abstract ideas of community. We’re interested in the real thing. So when we reopen, we want to make sure we can live up to that commitment.

So: if you’re interested in grabbing a seat but not yet ready or able to host, hold tight. If you’re interested in hosting in one of the cities above, holler. And if you’re interested in ensuring we have the resources we need to meet growing demand, please consider giving.

In the meantime, here’s a set of resources crowdsourced from various Dinner Partiers — everything from poems and quotes and our favorite reads, to blogs and on- and offline communities, to practical tips and resources on navigating loss and life after.

Wishing you lots and lots of all the things that feed you most right now, and look forward to saving a seat for you soon,

Dinner Party HQ


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