Hi there,

Our waitlists have grown to titanic portions, so we’re hitting pause on accepting new Dinner Partiers at the moment, while we focus on screening, onboarding, and training new hosts and developing the systems and resources we need to meet current demand.

We expect that process to take anywhere from six weeks (starting from mid-Oct) to the beginning  of next year. So if you want to be the first to hear when we’ve reopened our doors, let us know here.

Since December 2014, 6,500 people have reached out to join or host a table, each with their own story. We’ve hand-matched more than 4,000 one-time strangers to one another, and launched more than 250 tables in 146 cities and towns worldwide, ranging from Toledo to Seoul. As peers who once believed ourselves to be alone, we’ve been amazed (and humbled and moved and sometimes gutted) by the response.

That’s why this decision was a hard one. We’re intimately familiar with the ache that brings so many to our doorstep, and the deep longing for community with people who’ve shared similar experiences, who can celebrate your good days and help power you through the bad. But we’re not interested in abstract ideas of community. We’re interested in the real thing. And we want to make sure we have the resources we need to serve that community effectively.

All of our work to date has been made possible by the 481 people who’ve hosted tables over these last few years: folks who’ve opened their doors, who’ve modeled what it is to show up honestly and openly with their own stories, and to hold space for others to share theirs.

Interested in hosting? We’re currently seeking hosts in the following cities, where we already have substantial waitlists: Arlington (VA), Baltimore, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Manhattan, New Orleans, New York state (30+ mins. From NYC), Oakland/East Bay, Orlando, Paris, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

So: if you’re interested in grabbing a seat but not yet ready or able to host, hold tight. If you’re interested in hosting, holler. And if you’re interested in ensuring we have the resources we need to meet growing demand, please consider giving at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/thedinnerparty.

In the meantime, here’s a set of resources crowdsourced from various Dinner Partiers — everything from poems and quotes and our favorite reads, to blogs and on- and offline communities, to practical tips and resources on navigating loss and life after.

Wishing you lots and lots of all the things that feed you most right now, and look forward to saving a seat for you soon,

Dinner Party HQ


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