FINDING What feeds us: rituals and recipes for living well after loss

There isn’t a guidebook to life after loss. But as we’ve sat around the dinner table, we’ve heard hundreds of stories of what has been helpful - the practices that have played a positive role in living a good life in the wake of a difficult time.  We’re calling those our rituals, and have collected them in a book and on our blog to share with you. In it, we explore the relationship between grief and personal ritual for the DIY generation. While we were at it, we threw in some of the incredible dishes and the tales behind them passed around the table.

The end result is not a self-help guide, or a handbook, or a linear series of stages. Rather than attempt to create a modern map, we invite each reader to become their own map-maker. 

Read on for inspiration, and share your favorite ritual below.


MORE Rituals and Recipes From the Blog


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