We’re exploring the Wonderland of Kirsty Mitchell.  

Inspired by the fairy tales lands her mother shared with her as a girl.  Retreated through her camera lens after her mothers battle with brain cancer.  Invited characters from memory and dreams, wildflower pockets and forests from her home in Surrey, to come to life in whimsical scenes.

In the months that followed real life became a difficult place to deal with, and I found myself retreating further into an alternative existence through the portal of my camera. This escapism grew into the concept of creating an unexplained storybook without words, dedicated to her, that would echo the fragments of the fairytales she read to me constantly as a child. Originally it began as a small idea in the form of just a few shoots that would span the summer, but nothing prepared me for the emotional journey it became, and the very special friendships it produced.

As the project progressed it began to change my life, generating an indescribable need to produce tangible pieces of those dreams. This physical creation became my favourite part - the chance to step into the scenes for real was unlike any other experience in my life to date. After all, its not often you get to stand beside an 8ft princess in the rain, or witness the dawn with a dancing circus girl on stilts! It made my everyday existence a better and richer place, and slowly helped me deal with my grief.

Posted on July 6, 2012 .