So very grateful for an evening in Los Angeles last week. 

15 fine fine people came together at the lovely Thank You For Coming, an experimental food space that’s rocking the socks off Atwater Village.  We built a restaurant style set-up in their backyard, but ended up cozying around a hearth of quiche and pie on fun grandma furniture.  Kim and The Rita Project set up a plate painting station, so we could create a space at the table for ourselves and the one that we lost. Kim asked us what would they eat, what would we talk about, since at this dinner their plate is right by our own.  Mark read through his epic Greek funeral story — ask him to read it for you own day, its badass, and Meg broke down some moments that, like the finest lullabies, sent us hugging and heading towards our beds.

Thanks to everyone who participated, shared their stories, witnessed the beginning of fireworks season under the stars. 

Cheers to all of you, the ones you’ve loved and lost, and the next time get together all again.  And PS, if anyone is into hosting, reach out!

Posted on July 6, 2012 .