Hello Everyone!

The holidays are often times where we are doing things to please
others and we can get lost amidst the chaos.  I hope you had some time
during the holiday season to send yourself a little love.

Our East Bay Dinner Party was amazing.  I was both nervous and happy
to open up my home to members of the Dinner Party community. We
received extra love from my two dogs who gave love and kisses to
whoever was sharing at the moment. I look forward to many more
sincere, intimate and truthful gatherings. I felt invigorated and
supported by those who were there.

During the past dinner we talked a bit about the mental process of not
only deciding to come to a dinner, but physically showing up to a
dinner where we know that the main goal is to explore and share the
truths and feelings that we spend most of our days avoiding.  It made
me reflect a bit about all of you who come to our dinners. As a
co-leader, I commit to come to every dinner and, as such, I do not
spend the entire day up until the dinner thinking about whether or not
I will go.  I know this mind game very well and have sometimes driven
myself bananas with all of the energy I have spent doing it.  If I
weren’t co-leader, I would be thinking about it every Sunday we have a
dinner. I mention this because I want to thank you all from the bottom
of my heart for coming to a dinner, or even considering it.  I do not
take your presence for granted and honor you for showing up, both
physically and emotionally.

I also want to acknowledge and thank you for your trust in us, in the
process of the dinners. Your attendance is a leap of faith.  As I
opened up the doors of my house to people, some of whom I never knew
before the dinner, I realized that we all are putting faith in each
other, in the process, in ourselves.  For me, this trust is a diamond
in a very rough life and I am grateful to all of you for it.

We are returning to San Francisco for the next dinner party on Sunday,
January 27th from 5-8pm.  The address and details will be included in
the invitations which will soon be sent out.  I hope you can make it
and look forward to seeing you there.

Much love and a happy new year,

Posted on January 5, 2013 .