Help Us Grow the Table: Support The Dinner Party on Indiegogo

What a year. Since January 2015, we've grown by 400%, from a couple dozen tables to more than 100. We hired our first staff, and stopped living off our savings accounts. We found and trained 90 new hosts, and hand-matched more than 800+ people looking for a seat to nearby hosts, connecting people based not only on shared experience of loss, but on shared interests. We curated stories about what #LossIs and held dinners for 60+ in galleries and bookstores. We shared tips on how to be a better friend to those in need, and held a series of three-day host trainings, offering hosts a space for self-reflection and a chance to build key hosting skills, and to share what's working across tables. 

How? Because of people like you. To date, 65% of our funding has come from our first two crowdfunding campaigns.

Earlier this month, we launched our third annual Indiegogo campaign. Once again, we’re asking for your help

We’re looking ahead to what it will take to reach 1,000 tables, and are focused on developing the infrastructure, partner network, and revenue streams we need to sustain and scale. But we can’t do it without you.

With your help, we will:

  • Match would-be Dinner Partiers to tables in their neighborhood: Our goal is to hand-match every person who reaches out to a host in their area, or provide them with the tools to start a table of their own with folks they know.
  • Recruit, screen, & select train Dinner Party hosts: We look for people who want to be a part of the same community they're creating, and who are ready and able to be good space-holders for others around the table.
  • Hold four Host Trainings & Retreats across the US: Each year, we invite hosts to come together for a 3-day training and retreat, and a chance to reflect on their own “life after journeys,” exchange insights and best practices, and flex their hosting muscles in real-time.   
  • Break down taboos: Talking about loss on the internet generally sucks. It doesn’t have to. We're using public events, online tools, and storytelling to combat taboos, and to help those who have yet to undergo loss learn to be better friends or partners to those who have.

Thank you to everyone who's pitched in, whatever the form. Lend a hand, spread the word, and together, grow this table: 

Posted on December 18, 2015 .