Ritual: Keeping a Private Tumblr

Creating privacy and a place to reflect, even on the Internet

I spend so much of my time exploring the world online and wanted to be able to aggregate and reflect on the nuggets I found in a way that wasn't public facing.  So many of the tools we spend our time on are designed specifically for sharing - but what happens when I'm in a phase where I want to be private, where I want to gather ideas and feelings, where I want to be reflecting on my experience with #lifeafterloss without getting awkward sympathetic Facebook commentary? 

So I started a private Tumblr, that's all about collecting any of the inspiring, weird, sentimental stuff I find online and when I'm out and about - things that give me new perspectives on loss, and life after.  

My only rules are these:  there is no pressure to add to it, no filters on what to throw up there - it becomes a scrapbook  a diary, a visual collection of bookmarks of the people and videos and quotes that made me feel or learn something new. 





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Posted on June 16, 2013 and filed under Rituals.