Ritual: Building a Wood Table

When TDP began to fill more chairs than could scoot in around our existing table, it was time to upscale. After a few weeks of unsuccessful Craig's List scouring, it dawned on me that I could be the one to build the table I had in mind.  This would be my first time making something physically bigger than myself - and there was something empowering about setting my mind to doing just that.

When I got to Home Depot, I excitedly unfolded the diagram I had sketched out and shared with the orange vested man in the lumber department what my vision was. "Oh, so you want to build a beer pong table?" I swallowed my pride, agreed with him, and ten minutes later, left with stacks of wood, and tools to make it all cling together. 

My brother and I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to James Blake, and building.  Making something.  Something tangible, real, that would outlive at least my stay in that house.  Something that would become the home base for dinner parties to come, a gathering place, a center piece. Perfect in its wobble and asymmetry and drinking game chic. 

There was something about the ritual of building.  Building something for the first time, that I could nod at afterwards and say, "Hey, I made that." 

Pretty. nice.  Try it out.




Posted on June 14, 2013 and filed under Rituals.